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Beauty of Undiscovered Land

Compared to its bold and burgeoning neighbors, Laos is a slow-paced charming country restoring immense serenity everywhere. Encircled by the vibrancy, modernization, and popularity of Thailand, Vietnam, and Cambodia, Laos rests in the center of Indochina Peninsula while retaining its natural extravaganza and cultural richness along with colonial daintiness. A very small country with a laid-back progress towards tourism, most of its tourist destinations unveil an untouched appearance with originality preserved throughout.

Northern Laos unfolds the pristine beauty of its mountainous terrain with small isolated hill-tribe villages perched on the cliffs. The beauty in northern provinces of Laos is multifarious as Luang Prabang reveals its cultural splendor and spiritual vibes. Vientiane being the capital is more diverse in culture with a predominance of French colonial influence. Southern Laos is rarely highlighted and explored by tourists but it treasures some of the hidden gems like Bolaven Plateau, ancient ruins of Cham and Khmer Empire, rare dolphins in the Irrawaddy and many more.

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With a stunning nature, riche in heritages, friendliest people, Laos is really an undiscovered gem in Southeast Asia .
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Laos remains relatively unexplored and is possibly the most overlooked country in Asia, despite its rich culture, history and amazing ecosystem. Gorge into its primeval jungle with stunning landscape, cruise the Mekong or cherish its peaceful spirituality. Discover the exquisiteness of Laos with Luxury Travel.
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