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Timeless Charm

Nestled between Cambodia, Laos and South China Sea as the easternmost country on the Indochina Peninsula, Vietnam has a spectacular and elongated coastline complementing a number of idyllic beaches and romantic islands. Vietnam features a dramatic blend of faded colonial grandeur, war-torn dark history and unprecedented beauty of nature. It has a diverse natural exquisiteness all through from north to south with iconic mountainous terrains, scenic terraced rice fields, karst limestone caves, rainforests with dense foliage and rare wildlife, adventurous scuba diving spots and fertile deltaic zone.

There is a characteristic difference between north and south Vietnam, in terms of culture, food habits and lifestyle. North Vietnam is much more traditional than the South as the latter is much more open to fusion culture and modernization. Vietnam is one of those very few countries having so much diversities and richness that compel the tourists to be here again and again to discover its timeless charm.

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